8TeenBoy New Boy Milo Harper and Trent Olsen

Production year: 2019
Country: USA
Studio: 8TeenBoy
Genre: Bareback, Oral/Anal Sex, Cumshots, Rimming, Teens, Twinks, Masturbation, Big Cocks, Flip Flop
Duration: 00:21:28
Description: New boy on the block, Trent Olsen just flew into town to film with us; so we put the newbie up in one of our model apartments, which are filled with gorgeous guys always ready to get it in!

Milo Harper doesn’t even wait for the tasty 19 year old twink to unpack before offering to settle the newbies nerves. He wraps his thick, vascular arms around the beautiful blond babe and moves in close, so Trent can feel his thickening dick throbbing beneath his pants. Harper handles our new boy with sensual kisse while slowly striping the peaches and cream pretty boy from his clothes. Harper gives his Trent’s tent pitcher the full wet welcome wagon treatment, swallowing every thich inch down to the balls. Then, our olive skinner cock monster stuffs his super sized schlong in Olsen’s wide open mouth and fucks his face with long thrusts. With his hog wet with new the dude’s saliva, Then, Harper welcomes him with his wide wang, burying that beefy, bareback bone of his deep inside Olsen’s incredible ass. Harper’s curious about Trent’s topping skills; so, he puts his pipe to the test, and Olsen goes above and beyond Milo’s erotic expectations! Olsen gets a groove going, AND gets Milo’s motor moaning with sweet slammin’ satisfaction! However, this IS Harper’s house, and the delicious dick slinger is determined to show dominance. The tall, dark and handsome hottie slides behind blondie and bones the fuck out of the fine young fella till he busts his first load in his new bedroom, christening his bedspread with fresh cream. Harper watches with wide eyes, getting closer by the second. He whips his world class cock out and busts all over newbie’s freshly drained balls. A satisfied Milo plants a kiss on his hot new housemate with a sly smile, knowing he got that ass first. Hot AF!

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