ACM1088 ZEB and RUDY’S FLIP FLOP (2011)

Date: 2011
Country: United States
Studio: Corbin Fisher
Genre: Anal / Oral Sex, Flip-flop, Big dick, Fingering, Blow Job, Cumshots, ACM1088
Duration: 00:23:02
Description: There’s two guys I’ve been wanting to get together just to see what their chemistry would be like – Zeb and Rudy. Both guys are pretty laid-back and soft-spoken. But they get so much enjoyment out of fucking on camera … and they’re always willing to try new things.

But rather than give them I just let them go at each other. And they ended up both wanting to get fucked by the other one! I don’t think anyone will have a problem with that! Rudy pulls up Zeb’s shirt, kissing and licking his chest and abs. He pulls down Zeb’s shorts and goes down on Zeb’s thick dick. Rudy tugs on Zeb’s balls with his teeth, then sucks his cock some more. “I love the way it tastes,” Rudy tells Zeb. That inspires Zeb to start sucking Rudy’s cock. Rudy lays Zeb down on the bed and feeds Zeb his cock. He makes Zeb suck his nuts as well. He pushes his cock in and out of Zeb’s mouth. Rudy slaps his cock against Zeb’s tongue, then shoves his dick down his throat. Zeb jerks his cock as he swallows Rudy. Rudy tells Zeb he has something for him. Rudy lubes up and slides his finger into Zeb’s tight ass. Zeb holds his legs apart so Rudy can finger his hole. Zeb moans as Rudy shoves his dick into him. Rudy thrusts his cock in and out of Zeb’s ass. “Fuck me hard,” Zeb says. Rudy grips Zeb by the throat and pounds him. Rudy grabs Zeb’s hair and makes him say how much he loves it. Rudy hammers him even harder. Zeb gets on all fours and Rudy fucks him doggy-style. “Oh, yeah, fuck me,” Zeb moans. Rudy slaps his ass and pulls Zeb’s head back by his hair. Then he kisses Zeb’s shoulders and reaches around to stroke Zeb’s dick. Zeb asks if he can fuck Rudy now. Zeb sits on the edge of the bed. Rudy climbs onto Zeb’s big cock and slides down on it. Rudy bounces up and down on Zeb’s dick. “God, it’s so fucking big,” Rudy says. Zeb tells him to ride that dick. Rudy takes every inch of Zeb’s cock. “You like watching yourself fuck me?” Zeb asks as Rudy looks in the mirror. Rudy lies on the bed. Zeb plunges his dick back inside Rudy’s ass. Rudy jerks his dick while he gets fucked. Zeb pounds away, driving Rudy crazy. Zeb kisses him and slams into him faster. Rudy jerks a big load out of his cock. It sprays all over his stomach. Zeb pulls out and shoots his load on top of Rudy’s. Rudy strokes their dicks together, covering them in cum. They’re both glad they got to have some fun together. And it shows – all over Rudy’s stomach!

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