Year: 2012
Country: USA
Studio: CorbinFisher
Genre: Kissing, Oral Sex, Cumshots, Anal Sex, Masturbation, ACM1093
Duration: 00:27:52
Description: Why not start this year off a little differently? Instead of the usual Monday solo, we have Kent breaking in new freshman, Mel!

Mel is a lean-built young stud with a great smile and close-cropped hair and big blue eyes, as well as a nice fat cock! Kent, our newest Dean’s Lister, has quickly become one of the go-to guys for breaking in newbies. Not only does he teach them about things like camera angles, Kent has a great way of putting guys at ease – even if they’ve never touched another guy before. Kent kisses Mel. He asks Mel what he likes a girl to do for him. Kent plays with Mel’s cock, then goes down on him. Mel’s dick stiffens in Kent’s mouth. “You like it when I rub your balls?”, Kent asks. Clearly, Mel does! Kent guides Mel down to suck his cock. Mel takes to Kent’s dick so naturally, Kent asks, “Are you sure it’s your first time?”. Mel looks up at Kent as he sucks his cock, eager to please the hot blond stud. Mel licks and strokes Kent’s dick. Kent stands up and feeds his cock to Mel. Mel doesn’t shy away from worshipping Kent’s dick with his mouth and hand! Kent lays Mel down on the bed. He sucks Mel’s cock, and teases Mel’s ass with a finger. Kent flips Mel onto his stomach and slides that finger in deeper. Kent rims Mel’s ass and works his finger in again, getting Mel ready for his dick. Mel takes Kent’s dick inside him. He smiles up at Kent as Kent drives his dick into Mel’s hole. Kent pounds Mel, pushing his legs over his head. Kent moves Mel onto his hands and knees. Kent fucks him doggy-style. Mel strokes his cock as he gets fucked, then hangs on to the edge of the bed as Kent fucks him harder. Mel lies on his side. Kent stuffs him from behind, slamming into his ass sideways. Mel jerks his cock. “Cum for me,” Kent tells Mel. Mel shoots his load. Cum flies up onto the side of his chest. Kent continues to slam into Mel. He pulls out and blows a huge load all over Mel’s stomach and chest. Kent and Mel stroke their cocks together and kiss. The guys head to the shower and talk about what a great time they had.

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