Year: 2012
Country: USA
Studio: CorbinFisher
Genre: Kissing, Oral Sex, Cumshot, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Facial, ACM1144
Time: 00:19:57
Description: Stefan is a cute new freshman with a great smile and gorgeous eyes.

He’s paired up with Trey for his first time on camera – and Trey’s excited to get right into action with Stefan! Trey jokes about never getting to top – but we’ve seen over and over again that he’s too good of a bottom to waste! Stefan admits to being a little nervous – but one kiss from the handsome Trey and Stefan’s nerves are forgotten! Stefan enjoys covering Trey’s lean, hard body with his mouth and tongue. Trey clearly love how it feels. He flips Stefan over to take his turn kissing Stefan’s chest, nipples and stomach. nipples and stomach. Trey feels the bulge in Stefan’s jeans, and pulls Stefan’s dick out to suck it. Stefan gets rock-hard as he watches Trey suck his cock. He thrusts his cock into Trey’s mouth. Trey rubs their cocks together. The guys 69 each other while lying on their sides. After swallowing each others’ dicks, Trey climbs on top of Stefan. He slides down onto his cock. Trey rides Stefan, bouncing up and down on his dick. Stefan has a huge smile on his face as he drills up into Trey’s ass. Trey strokes his cock as he gets fucked. Stefan gets behind Trey and fucks him as he bends over the bed. He grabs Trey’s ass and pulls him all the way onto his dick. Stefan slides in and out slowly, until Trey begs him to fuck him. Stefan slams his cock all the way in. Trey moans as Stefan pounds him even harder. Trey gets on his back and Stefan fucks him in the missionary position. Trey jerks a huge load out his his cock that splatters all over his chest and tight abs. Stefan feeds Trey his own thick load, spraying cum on Trey’s cheek and in his mouth. I’m pretty sure Stefan could have a great career at CF if he’s that enthusiastic about guy / guy action!

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