ACS0439 Cameron and Roman’s Bi Tag Team (2012)

Year: 2012
Country: USA
Studio: CorbinFisher
Genre: Anal, Oral, Vaginal Sex, Bareback, Blow Job, Cumshots, BiSex, ACS0439
Time: 00:25:31
Starring: Tiffany, Cameron and Roman
Description: Class clown Cameron and new coed Tiffany give burly new freshman Roman his first bi tag team orientation. And Roman catches on quickly!

Cameron and Roman get the party started by sharing Tiffany between them kissing her and caressing her breasts beneath her purple bra. Eager Cameron sneaks a peek at a nipple and kisses it with a quick suck. The three of them strip – Roman reveals his well-built chest and arms, Cameron his amazing abs, and Tiffany her perky tits. Her purple bra falls to the floor and the two guys briefly kiss her breasts, before they kiss each other. Cameron fills Tiffany’s mouth with his stiff cock. She sucks his cock while Roman watches. Roman goes to work on Cameron’s cock, sucking it hard as Cameron strokes the back of his head. “Take your pants off,” Cameron commands. Roman does while Tiffany blows Cameron. Roman lays on the bed. Tiffany straddles him in her purple panties, while Cameron feeds him his dick. Tiffany swallows his rock hard dick while he sucks off Cameron. Cameron pumps his dick down Roman’s throat. Tiffany Roman thrusts deep up into Tiffany while blowing Cameron. Cameron shoves his dick deep into Roman’s warm mouth. Cameron plays with Roman’s cock as he slaps Tiffany’s ass and strokes his own dick. Cameron wants some of her pussy himself, so he pounds Tiffany doggy-style while she sucks Roman’s cock. Cameron fucks Tiffany until her ass is red from him smacking and grabbing it. That makes Cameron even harder! Tiffany presses back against Cameron, so he buries his cock deep inside her with each reverse thrust. “Lick his balls and lick his ass. Get his ass ready for me, “Cameron tells her Tiffany lubes up Roman with her saliva. She fingers his ass, then licks and kisses it. Roman raises his leg so she can get closer. Cameron takes as his invitation. Soon Cameron is between Roman’s legs, shoving his every inch of his cock into Roman’s ass. Cameron hammers him, leaning forward to kiss Roman’s mouth without slowing down. Tiffany slaps both guys’ asses as they fuck “Let me see you ride his dick,” Tiffany tells Roman. The two guys move into a reverse-cowboy. Roman takes Cameron’s cock deep into his hole. Tiffany sucks on Roman’s cock as Cameron rabbit fucks him from below. Roman strokes himself while again being fucked. Roman’s blasts his thick load over his abs. Cameron keeps pounding him until he’s ready to cum. He shoots his load into Roman’s waiting mouth. Roman swallows every drop, sucking every drop from Cameron’s dick.

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