Production year: 2011
Country: USA
Studio: CorbinFisher
Genre: Bareback, Oral / Anal Sex, Bisex, Vaginal Sex, Cumshots, Muscle, Tattoos
Length: 00:19:53
Description: Ashley and Aiden put Rudy through his paces – and he loves every second of it! All three of them kiss and get each other’s clothes off.

Aiden and Rudy feel each other’s cocks experimentally through their underwear, then kiss. Ashley gets into the game, kissing Rudy’s dick while Aiden eats Ashley out around her thong. Ashley goes up and down Rudy’s cock. Aiden fingers Ashley, and strokes his thick dick. He doesn’t waste any time and slides his cock into her. She keeps sucking on Rudy, but it’s challenging with as much muscle as Aiden is pounding into her! Aiden smacks her ass and fucks her fasterr. Rudy says he’s jealous of her getting that cock. I can see why! Ashley’s face shows how much pleasure she’s in getting railed by that huge dick! Aiden wants to see Ashley ride Rudy’s cock. She climbs up on Rudy’s dick and grinds against him. Rudy sucks Aiden’s mammoth cock while he fucks Ashley. Ashley rides a little while longer, then Aiden says he wants to taste Rudy’s cock. The guys 69. Aiden hungrily goes down on Rudy, enjoying the taste of Ashley’s pussy all over Rudy’s cock. Aiden licks his finger and slides it into Rudy’s ass. He drives his tongue into Rudy’s hole, then swallows Rudy’s cock again. Ashley jumps in for some cocksucking action. Aiden shoves his cock into Rudy’s ass. Rudy’s ass is super tight! Aiden has to work his finger back inside Rudy to warm him up more. Then Aiden is able to slide in. Aiden fucks Rudy, and pulls him even closer to go deeper. Rudy has a huge grin on his face at one point and it’s clear he’s loving every inch! But Rudy’s also almost sliding off the bed from the hard pounding! Ashley gets on the floor and holds up his head as Aiden drills him even harder. Aiden pumps his cock into Rudy as deep as he can. Ashley kisses Rudy. Ashley suggests they flip him over so he can’t “run away.” Like Rudy wants to! Rudy gets on his side and Aiden fucks him from behind. Their bodies slap together as Aiden pounds him. Rudy tells them how much he loves that big cock. Aiden watches, almost hypnotized as Rudy strokes his cock … and then suddenly, Aiden can’t hold back! Aiden pulls out and blasts his load all over Rudy! Cum lands all over Rudy’s cock and balls. Aiden slams his cock back inside Rudy. Rudy uses Aiden’s cum as lube and jerks a thick load out of his dick!
All three kiss and Rudy says “I might need help up.” Good thing he doesn’t have to be anywhere!

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