Alex and Dolan (Butch Dixon)

Genre: Anal/Oral Sex, Hairy Men
In this session Dolan is a photographer and Alex is his model. Dolan is manoeuvring around him and snapping photos as Alex plays with his uncut cock. As often happens in these sessions, Dolan straddles Alex so that he can get some interesting shots of Alex’s beefy and hairy body. But Dolan’s crotch is pressing ever closer to Alex’s face and the this horny stud reaches up with his face and nuzzles Dolan’s crotch. Dolan squats deeper and grinds his ass into Alex’s face. Then Alex reaches up and unzips Dolan’s jeans and fishes out his stiff, uncut cock.

Dolan strips off his jeans and these men get into some heavy 69 cock sucking with Dolan rimming Alex’s fuck hole and sucking his dick while Alex feasts on Dolan’s banana-curved cock. Dolan mounts Alex and fucks his ass. Then the guys swap and Dolan lies back on the box and Alex climbs on top and fucks his ass. It’s a passionate fuck scene and as Alex drives his cock deep inside Dolan’s hairy ass, he shoots his load. They kiss as Alex pumps his load into Dolan’s ass. Alex then he pulls off his condom and lets his big load slide all over Dolan’s chest and belly, then smears it across Dolan’s body with his hands. Alex mounts Dolan in a 69 position again, and Dolan rims Alex’s well-fucked ass while getting his dick sucked. Alex sucks him off and when Dolan is close, Alex swaps his mouth for his hand and jerks Dolan off with Dolan spraying huge gobs of cum up onto Alex’s chest.

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