Big Delivery Gio Cruz and Marco Sessions (2013)

Production year: 2013
Country: UK
Studio: UKHotJocks
Genre: Anal, Oral, Uniform, Muscle, Cumshot
Duration: 00:30:18
Description: Muscle stud Marco is first in and there is a knock at the back door. Knowing this must be the daily delivery he goes to answer it.

He’s met by the smolderingly hot Gio, clipboard and barrels in tow. A little stunned by this hunky delivery guy, he loses his concentration and misses what he’s said. “Mate?” Gio, waving a pen and forms at him. “Oh, sorry. Thanks “He signs for the beer and stares at him some more. He asks if he can use the bar bathroom as he’s been on the road for hours. Marco points him down the hall and watches him walk. Gio gives him a sneaky glance back before going through the door. Standing a the urinal Gio strokes his massive meat, every pump gets him harder and he waits for the cute bar boy to join him … he knows he’ll come. Joining him at the toilet wall Marco can’t miss his big dark weapon. Pushed up against the wall they kiss passionately before Marco gets down on his knees to service Gio’s great cock. Slurping and stripping right there in the bathroom, the club is closed they’re alone and all Marco can think about is taking his fat dick in his muscle butt! One foot up on a urinal he shows his wanting hole, Gio fills him and fills him good! Marco moans and groans with his hole being stretched by Gio’s monster dick. Finding a stool, Gio sits down so he casn let Marco do some of the work, letting him ride him till he spunks right up himself. Marco is still hungry for something else, Gio’s load, taking it right on his cheek and in his mouth.

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