Brandon and Jamie (2011)

Production year: 2011
Country: United States
Genre: Oral sex, Riming, Cumshots, Masturbate, Muscle men
Length: 00:14:18
Description: Sometimes you have to take it a little slower with some guys than you do with others. Brandon for instance, was somewhat shy and nervous during his first video.

But he’s got a ridiculously hot body and I couldn’t wait to see him get sucked off by another guy! “What’s happening to you today?” I asked. “Umm, I’m going to be serviced with a rim job and a blow job.”
“Have you ever gotten a rim job before?” “No,” he quickly replied. “Have you ever put anything up your butt before?”
“Nope…” “Not even a finger?” I asked. “…a little bit of a finger, but not like fully.”
There were going to be a few “firsts” going on for Brandon and there was no one better to do them than Jamie. They are both 21,
have incredible bodies, and well… we all know Jamie knows what he is doing when it comes to dick! Brandon got more and more aggressive as they both got more into it. It was almost as if he could tell that Jamie loves getting man handled…
Brandon grabbed on to Jamie’s head and really fed him his cock as deep as he could..

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