Breaking in Tony 3 (CF Unlimited)

Genre: Anal, Oral, Bareback
Tony took a gamble on coming out to see us in Vegas – because this hot Latino guy is a virgin! That’s right – he’s never had sex – period!
He’s messed around with girls, and never done anything with a guy. So lucky us, we’re going to capture Kenny breaking him in on camera in today’s very special Unlimited.

I can’t recall if we’ve ever had a guy get de-virginized on camera here … so it was a big day for us and him! Tony is charming and cute and Kenny is the perfect guy to take him under his wing and make it a great experience for him. Be sure and check out Tony’s interview on Pete’s Attic and find out which CF model is a friend of his and referred him to us, and how he enjoyed being filmed as he had sex for the first time! Also, Josh confesses having the hots for a new freshman … giving me some for potential matchups. All in all, it promises to be an awesome and sexy start to the week!

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