BrokeStraightBoys Damien Nichols and Liam Andrews

Production year: 2018
Country: USA
Studio: BrokeStraightBoys
Genre: Bareback, Anal Sex, Oral Sex, Big Dicks, Blow Job, Cumshots, Masturbation, Young Studs
Duration: 00:15:06
Description: Damien Fucking The Very Sexy Liam. Damien Nichols has taken a short break from BSB but now he’s back to show our new guy, Liam Andrews, how it’s done!

Damien leans in and kisses Liam, gently touching Liam’s cock through his shorts as they make out and Liam follows Damien’s lead, reaching for Damien’s dick and then starting to undress. Damien goes down on Liam, using his mouth to get him hard before lying back on the bed and giving Liam a taste of his meat as Liam sucks and deepthroats Damien’s thick cock. When Liam’s wet mouth has Damien’s cock pulsing for a tight ass, he lies Liam on the bed and slowly slides his lubed up dick into Liam’s hole, taking it slow at first and then fucking him harder with his bareback cock. Liam moans as he gets his ass pounded, taking every inch of that dick and then getting on his knees to let Damien get deeper. Liam’s sweet ass bounces with each thrust of Damien’s big cock, fucking him raw and then lying behind him to get a different angle on that amazingly tight hole while Liam starts to play with his own dick. Damien turns Liam over onto his back and bends his legs up, pounding his sore entrance harder than ever as he gives it to him raw and deep, making Liam cum all over and then pulling out and shooting his load in Liam’s mouth and face!

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