Brothers and other Fantasies (2007)

Year: 2007
Genre: Fetish, Romance, Rimming, Fisting, Oral sex, Tattoos, Anal Sex, Cum shots, Swimwear, Double oral penetration, Enemas, Group sex/orgies, Butt play, Sixty nine
Duration: 01:25:54
Cast: Spike, Matt Bandero, Vince Bandero, Lee Driver, Jens Hammer, Tanner Hayes, Tommy Lord, Jack Reilly, Dean Temple, Casey Williams
Lee Driver, Tommy Lord, Tanner Hayes and Vince Bandero are sitting around a table talking about their secret fantasies.

Lee has a fantasy about hooking up with a hustler for sex. He’s had his eye on Casey Williams and the of paying for sex is tempting to him. Casey drops to his knees to worship Lee’s stiff dick and says that he is the one who should be paying for sex. Casey is rock hard just from sucking on Lee. Lee can’t wait to wrap his lips around Casey’s cock and feel it going down his throat. Lee bends over and lets Casey sink his tongue deep in his hole. After eating Lee’s ass, Casey needs something in his and he wants more than a tongue. Casey bends over and lets Lee plow his muscular bubble butt. They finish up on their knees jacking off and shooting on one another. Tommy has something much dirtier in mind. He wants a hot leather scene with hairy Jens Hammer, muscular Dean Temple and big dicked stud Spike. Jens starts out naked in a steel cage. Trapped in the cage, he begs Spike to fuck his face through the bars. Dean Temple joins the action offering his cock for Jens to suck on. Spike and Dean get Jens out of the cage so they have a shot at his cock. While they are sucking on Jens, Tommy walks in on the action. The three of them quickly strip Tommy down so they can get a taste of his cock and ass. With everyone good and hard, Jens and Spike start fucking Tommy and Dean. A fuck train forms with Tommy fucking Dean and Spike pounding Tommy’s hot ass. After cumming while he’s getting fucked, Dean drops to his knees so that Tommy, Jens and Spike can all shoot their loads on him. Tanner has his eye on Jack Reilly, a hot straight plumber. When Jack catches Tanner checking him out, he tells him that if he likes what he sees so much he should suck him off. Tanner wastes no time getting Jack’s cock out of his pants and going down on him. Tanner gags on Jack’s cock while he eagerly sucks on him. Jack tells Tanner to lick his sweaty ass while he is down there. Tanner ends up on his knees jacking his cock while Jack stands over him fucking his face and talking dirty to him. When Jack finally shoots, he sprays Tanner in the face. With cum still dripping from his chin, Tanner blows his own load. Vince Bandero has a fantasy of his own, fucking his hot little brother Matt. In his fantasy, Vince is in the bedroom jacking off while his brother Matt is spying on him. Vince catches Matt watching and invites him to come on in. Matt can’t resist sucking on Vince’s big uncut cock and he goes down on his big bro. Matt gets so turned on sucking and rimming Vince that his cock starts to drip precum. Vince gives into temptation and tells his little brother that he wants to fuck him. Matt says he’s never taken a dick before, but he’s more than willing to please his big bro. Vince goes easy on him at first, but before long he is pounding away and Matt is rock hard the whole time. The brothers don’t stop fucking until they both shoot their creamy loads.

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