Cain Taps Ashley and Cameron (2011)

Date: 2011
Country: United States
Genre: Anal / Oral / Vaginal Sex, Bareback, Big Dick, Blow Job, Cumshots, Rimming, Bi Sex, Muscle
Length: 00:19:34
Description: Cain and Cameron sandwich Ashley between them, kissing her on the neck, legs and stomach. Cameron pulls up her tank top to go for her tits. Ashley kisses Cain’s muscled torso and stomach, then moves down to suck his huge cock.

Cameron kisses Ashley through her thong, then pulls it off of her so he can taste that sweet pussy. Cameron eats Ashley out from behind as she deepthroats Cain. Ashley pulls Cameron up front to help out with sucking Cain’s dick. She moves underneath Cameron to suck his cock. Cain facefucks Cameron and tells Ashley to play with Cameron’s asshole. He watches as she eats Cameron’s ass, and gets it ready for Cain’s dick. “He’s hungry,” Ashley says, watching Cameron gobble down Cain’s dick. Cain replies, “His ass and his mouth are hungry.” Cain wants to let Cameron fuck Ashley first. Ashley lays down and Cameron stuffs his cock inside her. Cain chews on her tit as Cameron fucks her. Cain stands up to feed Cameron his cock. Cameron is hungry, not just for Cain’s cock but for his nuts as well. Cameron sucks them both hard as he pounds Ashley. Cameron gets on all fours next to Ashley so Cain can fuck them both. Cain stuffs his big cock into Ashley and jackhammers it into her, while fingering Cameron’s ass. “Both of your holes look so fucking good!” Cain says. Ashley jerks Cameron and notices how hard Cameron’s dick gets when Cain sticks a finger deeper into his ass. “He’s gonna pound your ass,” Ashley tells Cameron. “Oh, that’s gonna turn me on so much!” “Now it’s your turn,” Cain says. He shoves his cock inside Cameron. “Oh my god, it’s so tight!” He tells Cameron to and enjoy his dick. Cain and Ashley kiss while Cain fucks Cameron. Cameron and Ashley kiss as Cain fucks Cameron. Ashley spreads Cameron’s cheeks apart so Cain can watch himself slide inside that tight hole. Cain plays with Ashley’s tits and fucks Cameron faster. Cain pounds Cameron’s hole and pulls his head up. He moans loudly, so Ashley pushes Cameron’s face into a pillow. Cain fingers Ashley, driving her wild. Cameron lays on top of Ashley so Cain can fuck him. Ashley caresses Cameron’s chest as Cain pounds his hole. Cain fucks a thick creamy load out of Cameron. Cain pulls out and blasts his load on top of Cameron, drenching him in cum. All three kiss, and Cain tells them how amazing they were.

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