ColbysCrew Cabin Buddies Colby Jansen and Zac Hunter

Production year: 2017
Country: USA
Studio: Colbys Crew
Genre: Hairy, Anal Sex, Oral Sex, Hunk, Big Cock, Tattoos, Rimming, Cumshots
Duration: 00:23:59
Description: Colby Jansen and the crew arrive at a rented cabin for a short getaway from the city. As the boys marvel at the place, Colby’s focus is on the bar downstairs, to which he draws Zac Hunter to see what spirits await.

Having no mixers handy, Colby suggests that they get started on vodka shooters, which seems quite fine with his partner in lust. They barely get started when Zac spills his shot onto his shirt. As he strips it off and joins Colby behind the bar to wash off the spill, Colby can’ t keep his hands off the young stud standing only inches away from him. Faster than you can say vodka, Colby has got his lips wrapped around Zac’s stiff thick uncut meat. Zac is in bliss as he appreciates his elder’s talented cocksucking technique. Colby pauses to take off his shirt and down another shot. Zac then reciprocates and shows Colby that he’s no slug when it comes to sucking dick. Colby is most appreciative of the kids efforts, but he can’t wait. He positions Zac’s butt across the bar, high in the air, giving his tongue clear access to the youthful bubble butt before him. Colby does it again. He gets his young protege all hot and writhing before he lands his cock right between the kid’s cheeks. Zac is in a daze of pleasure, feeling every inch of Colby’s stiff cock in his ass. Bound as one, they make out as Zac rides his topman’s eager tool. As usual, Colby’s talented cock fucking pushes his buddy over the edge and the kid shoots his load right across his chest. Colby pulls out and spews his own load on top of his new boy load. The deed is done… Time to hook up with the other crew members upstairs.

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