Connor and Cain’s Flip Fuck (2011)

Date: 2011
Country: United States
Genre: Anal / Oral / Vaginal Sex, Bareback, Flip-flop, Big Dick, Blow Job, Cumshots, Rimming, Bi Sex, Muscle
Length: 00:19:15
Description: Cain and Connor take turns fucking Jackie. They get so turned on by each other’s muscled bodies, it’s not enough to have let only one of them top the other – they both want to fuck and get fucked as well!

After kissing each other and Jackie passionately, Connor feeds Jackie his cock. Cain stuffs his thick dick inside her hot pussy. Jackie deepthroats Connor as Cain thrusts in and out of her. Connor leans over to kiss Cain as they pound Jackie from both ends. Connor stands up and Cain sucks his cock. Connor takes his turn fucking Jackie, as Cain fucks Jackie’s face. Cain slaps his cock against Jackie’s tits while Connor continues to fuck her. Cain stands up and it’s Connor’s turn to blow him. Jackie jerks Cain’s dick. Connor lubes up Cain’s tight hole and slides his cock deep inside. Cain moans in ecstasy as he takes Connor’s long dick. He kisses Jackie as Connor fucks him. Connor buries his cock balls-deep into Cain’s ass. Connor hammers him. Jackie smacks Cain’s ass so his hole grips Connor’s dick even tighter. Cain works a finger into Connor’s ass to get it ready for his thick cock. Jackie plays with her tits, then Connor’s pecs as she watches Cain slide his uncut cock into Connor’s tight ass. Cain kisses Jackie as he drills Connor. Cain pounds Connor harder. Cain says he wants to watch Connor come. Just seconds later, Connor blasts his load! “Fuck me, keep fucking!” He says. Cain pounds faster and faster, then pulls out. He drenches Connor in his cum ..

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