Connor and Dolph (2010)

Year: 2010
Country: USA, Czech Republic
Genre: Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Muscles, Twinks / Young Men, Rimming
Length: 00:24:34
Today’s special update features two tall, buff, blond studs in some incredibly hot, international action! This is one of my favorite scenes to have come out of the collaboration with Bel Ami, as Connor and Dolph fuck!

They certainly have a lot in common when it comes to looks. In fact, I suspect that if they were to both stand side by side with their backs to you, it’d be hard to tell which was which! They both have the same tall and imposing frame, similar blond hair, and similar buff bodies. Though you can definitely tell them apart once they turn around and you’re looking at them from the front, there’s no doubt they’re each hot, youthful-looking, have bright eyes and great smiles. What’s more, they’re each packing a big dick and each love to fuck! I think Connor and Dolph were both aware of how much they had in common and aware of how much people would want to see them together, and so both were sure they made the absolute most of this hot session together! It helps that each was incredibly turned on and horny right from the get go! Their dicks are stiff and straining as their clothes come off and they make out, their hands roaming all over one another’s buff bodies. Dolph is the first to lay back and present his cock to Connor, who eagerly takes it in to his mouth and sucks it deep. Dolph’s dick looks awesome as it’s rockhard and pointed upward, with Connor bobbing up and down and sucking on it. Likewise, Connor looks as hot as ever as he swallows Dolph’s dick and does his utmost to make Dolph feel good and drive him wild. I’m not sure we’ve ever seen Connor give such a wet blowjob! After sucking Dolph’s cock for awhile, Connor then stands up so that his own dick is right in Dolph’s face. Immediately, Dolph dives in to start sucking, Connor quickly thrusting his hips to fuck Dolph’s mouth. Dolph makes sure he tongues and sucks on Connor’s balls for awhile, before again swallowing his dick and paying extra attention to the head of Connor’s big cock. With both guys’ dicks still swollen and straining, Dolph finally gets up, turns around, and presents his ass to Connor – who quickly starts rimming Dolph’s hole and getting it wet with spit! By now I think you know who is going to fuck who, here! It really could have gone either way, both of these studs being perfect matches for one another physically. But as Connor fingers, licks and rims Dolph’s ass there is no turning back – Connor’s going to get his dick buried in there! Sure enough, Connor starts to press the tip of his hard dick against Dolph’s hole, sliding it in to the base as Dolph is braced against the stairs. Connor fucks Dolph, at one point pulling all the way out before burying his dick back in, getting a deep moan out of Dolph! Dolph’s moans continue as Connor’s pace quickens to the point where they’re fucking hard and fast! Both of these guys have dicks that just won’t quit! Dolph lays back, strokes his cock and throws his legs up so Connor can resume fucking him with deep, long strokes. Connor really gives Dolph’s hole a workout and both guys’ ripped bodies look incredible as they go at it! By this point, both of these guys were ready to cum!

They’d each been hard right from the very start, and as Connor fucks Dolph doggy style we can totally tell he’s going to blow his load any second! Precisely that happens as Connor pulls out to blast a load all over Dolph’s hot ass! When it’s Dolph’s turn to blow his own load, Connor’s open mouth is right there in front of his cock as Dolph starts to shoot! Connor gets a mouthful of cum, stroking and sucking Dolph’s cock to get every last drop out of him before the guys kiss one final time!

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