Production year: 2011
Country: USA
Genre: Kissing, Oral Sex, Cumshot, Rimming, Anal Sex, Masturbation
Length: 00:17:17
Description: Connor shows Jon some trampoline flips. But not everybody is Connor and I don’t want him going and breaking Jon! After some 180 ° s, 360 ° s and then some wrestling moves (while bouncing up and down), I’m they head indoors for some wrestling of a sexier nature!

Connor and Jon kiss. Connor pushes Jon down on the bed and feeds Jon his cock. “Yeah, go deeper,” he tells Jon. Jon sticks his tongue out so Connor can slap his big cock on it. Connor goes down on Jon to give him a stellar blowjob. Jon strokes Connor’s dick, then leans back and enjoys Connor’s hot mouth on his cock! Jon moves under Connor to 69 him. It’s great watching Jon swallow Connor’s big dick. Jon’s proving to really enjoy cock – and the bigger the better! His tongue moves to Connor’s tight ass. Connor moans like crazy as Jon rims him. Connor jerks Jon’s stiff cock. Connor lays down and has Jon lean back onto his dick. He slides down onto it. Connor drills up into Jon’s tight, fuzzy hole. The guys kiss. Connor fucks Jon even harder. Jon grinds down, taking every inch of Connor’s cock. Connor gets Jon off the bed and has him lift one leg up. He shoves his cock into Jon’s hole as they stand up. Connor pounds Jon so hard his shoulder starts hitting the window blinds! Connor holds onto Jon’s shoulder and thrusts harder. He fucks a thick load out of Jon! Jon shoots his load all over the floor. “Oh my god, that’s so hot!” Connor says. Connor pulls out quickly and shoots in Jon’s mouth. Jon sucks Connor’s dick dry – and it doesn’t look like he wants to stop. “Your cum tastes amazing,” he tells Connor, after kissing him and going down for one more taste!

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