CorbinFisher Feeding Zander with Malec

Production year: 2020
Country: USA
Studio: CorbinFisher
Genre: Bareback, Oral Sex, Big Cocks, Blowjob, Muscle, Anal Sex, Cumshots, Kissing, Masturbation, Rimming, Tattoos
Duration: 00:19:23
Description: I think both Malec and Zander are on missions to prove themselves the best at what they do best – Malec drilling another stud, and Zander getting drilled.

They certainly have some tough competition among their fellow CF studs, but when you see each one of them in these respective roles they really shine. That’s what makes pairing them up with one another such a fun thing – Malec has the dick, skills and stamina to deliver a hot pounding, Zander and that hot ass and body look incredible while he gets fucked and he so clearly enjoys it. They say the way to a man’s heart is through his hole (I think that’s what they say, at least?) and Malec wins over Zander here by pounding away at his hole non-stop. There are times you can tell even Zander – a total stud in his own right and having quickly earned himself CF upperclassman status – can barely comprehend how Malec’s cock is making him feel. Whereas, before, I think we’ve seen him on occasion take charge a bit even as a bottom to make sure he gets fucked how he wants it, here Zander’s just holding on and letting Malec do his thing because Malec more than knows what to do!

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