Czech Hunter 194 (CzechHunter, 2015)

Production year: 2015
Country: Czech Republic
Studio: CzechHunter
Genre: Duet, Twinks, Interview, Bareback, Blow Jobs, Tea Bags, Oral / Anal Sex, Big Dick, Amateurs, POV, Masturbation, Facial, Jerking Off, Uncut, Shaved, European
Duration: 00:52:19
Description: I noticed him already a couple of minutes before. But as he looked very young I did not approach him at the first place.

Just when I listened him calling a friend for a party in a club I had to try my luck and to find out his age. His name was Tomas, and he was 18, almost 19, to be correct. And a real cutie. He just moved to Prague to study Economics. Living from part-time jobs and the support of his family he showed some interest in my dirty offer. And I did not hesitate to make him an offer he could not resist. He even could not believe that someone would pay him for a blowjob. Yes, he did not even realize how cute he was. On the way to the hotel I asked him to show me his ID card – one more time checking that my luck was true. And later in the hotel … it was unbelievable.

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