Daddy Darbys Dungeon Boyz (LoadXXX, 2005)

Year: 2005
Director: Andrew Chambers
Studio: Load XXX
Genre: Fetish, Twinks, Older, Mature, Daddies, Oral, Anal, Kink, Humiliation, Threesomes, Rimming, Leather, Spanking, Wax, Handjob
Duration: 01:29:57
Cast: James Allen, Will Forbes, Lex Blond, Sykes Blackburn, Daddy Darby

Daddy Darby’s Dungeon Boyz receive some harsh punishment in the shape of humiliation, whips, a dildo and hot candle wax. Cute as fuck James and Will look every bit the slaves dressed in leather fetish gear. Daddy and Will tether slaveboy James to the wall to begin his ordeal. To soften him up James receives a nice blowjob from Will. Daddy Darby then whips his tender butt cheeks with the leather part of a dog lead. Next, James has his brown star lubed and a dildo inserted, which opens him up just enough to take a battering from Will’s bare cock. A nice dollop of jizz on his red cheeks cools him down and Daddy feeds the thick spunk to him. In the next scene, James is led in by Lex Blond on all fours attached to a dog lead. A further whipping has James moaning in agony and Daddy applies some breath control to the poor young slave. Lex is then tethered like a lamb to the slaughter and covered with hot candle wax. In the final scene Sykes has his balls trussed in leather and chains and receives a whipping. Judging by the size of his erect knob, Sykes looks like he is enjoying Daddy’s sadistic attention a little too much!

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