Dawson and Martin (2011)

Production year: 2011
Country: USA
Genre: Studs, Duet, Muscules, Oral, Anal, Cumshots
Length: 00:20:00
Description: Or, should I say, “Dawson pwns Martin,” since they are playing video games? I didn’t even know what “pwn” meant until I Googled it. But once I knew, it made perfect sense in this case – because Dawson totally pwned Martin in this scene!

Martin and Dawson are playing video games when Dawson pauses things. He reaches over to rub Martin’s leg. Martin asks, “What have we got going on here?” Dawson answers with a kiss. Martin opens Dawson’s shirt and eagerly kisses his sculpted chest and abs.Dawson climbs up on Martin’s lap, letting Martin kiss his ripped abs. Dawson goes down to kiss Martin’s cock through his jeans and discovers Martin is freeballing. Easy access just lets Dawson get to work quicker! He deepthroats Martin’s dick. Dawson follows up by licking the shaft, flicking it with his tongue. Dawson stands on the sofa. He feeds Martin his cock, telling him to swallow as much as he can. Martin’s come a long way in his CF education – and his cocksucking skills prove it.Dawson flips Martin’s legs over his head. He rims Martin’s tight ass. Dawson spits on Martin’s hole, then licks it. Stroking Martin’s cock as he eats him out, Dawson says, “I can’t wait to fuck you.” He teases Martin by sliding two fingers deep into his hole. Martin’s ass is so tight it’s trying to squeeze them back out! Dawson shoves his cock inside Martin. Martin moans as Dawson works his cock in and out.Dawson jackhammers Martin. Every vein on Dawson’s chest and arms stands out as he holds Martin’s legs up and gives him the fuck of a lifetime. Martin slaps his cock against Dawson’s abs. Martin smiles more in this video than I’ve ever seen him. No wonder, he’s getting tapped by the best! Martin leans over the sofa and Dawson takes him from behind. Dawson pounds into him, before sitting down and making Martin ride him in a reverse cowboy.Dawson drills up into Martin’s hole, faster and faster. Martin tells him to fuck him even harder, that he’s about to come. Cum splatters all over Martin’s stomach.Dawson is so turned on by making Martin come so hard, he pulls out and shoots a huge load all the way up past his chest! The guys rub their cocks together again and then kiss.Best pwning I’ve seen in a while!

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