Devin Draz Is Rico’s First Fuck (Dirty Tony)

Genre: Anal, Oral, Bareback, Muscle
Today I have two smokin’ hot straight muscle jocks in the studio; Dirty Tony veteran, Devin Draz, and total virgin to any kind of man-play at all under any circumstances, period. Rico and I can’t think of a hotter matchup in all of our history! Rico begins by talking to me about how he’s wanted to try this out for so long and is incredibly excited that I’ve created the first situation where he feels safe messing around with another dude. It’s such a pleasure to introduce Devin and watch, as he walks Rico through the timeline of his corruption over the last 2 years and how much, as a result of this, likes having his asshole played with. Devin is the first to make a move while the two are lying against the headboard. He reaches over and quickly gives Rico’s thick meat a hand to get it instantly standing at rock hard attention inside his shorts, but doesn’t stop there. Devin pulls up Rico’s shirt exposing a smooth ripped chest and pair of exquisitely erect nipples that disappear into Devin’s soft mouth as it gently hovers back and forth across Rico’s caramel colored skin. The look on Rico’s face is priceless as Devin rips his shorts and undergear down in one fell swoop letting his swollen rock hard cock smack against his ripped abs. Devin wastes no time swallowing Rico’s sword all the way to the hilt as his experienced hands work the rest of his body like a pro, pushing him into a shockingly comfortable world of pleasure he’s always just dreamed about. After teaching Rico all the do’s, it’s Devin’s turn to have his beautiful cum-slinger guzzled like the first pie in an eating contest. Rico takes like a fish to water swirling his tongue around Devin’s glistening glans while using his strong hands to twist in the opposite motion as his sweet slippery mouth plunges down and slides Devin’s sexy rod deep into his steamy throat. Devin gets so turned on by this novice’s natural oral abilities that he flips Rico onto all fours and spreads his virgin hole, stretching it slowly as he penetrates deep into his balmy interior; allowing Rico’s sensitive puckered rosebud to savor each wrinkle of every throbbing vein as it sinks further into his flesh. Screaming out “FUCK ME!”, Rico’s eyes roll back in his head as Devin works that delicious boyhole like a professional miner digging for the motherload. Wanting to show Rico all the different ways his prostate could be battered, Devin turns him onto his side delivering his solid boner all the way to edge of the earth in a sexy scissor position. Rico really can’t believe it’s possible to feel so good as he belts out one after another uncontrolled and passionate moan. Devin then pushes Rico onto his back to ravage his intestines while staring into his sexy deep brown eyes as the insanely glorious pleasure nearly gives him an out of body experience! With Rico’s constricting hole squeezing his cock like a vice grip, Devin pounds away until nearly collapsing from exhaustion he extracts his bazooka and fires jizz missile after jizz missile into Rico’s open mouth. Rico then wipes up some of the white flood sloshing around on his amazing body and jerks his own cock till it bursts huge thick globs of baby batter that punctuate his soaked frame like islands surrounded by deep water. God I can’t believe how much these straight boys enjoyed each other’s bodies. I love my job!

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