Evan Cobb and Val Horner

Country: Slovakia
Genre: Anal Sex, Big Cocks, Cumshots, Oral Sex, Safe Sex, Twink, Uncut
Length: 00:19:07
Description: Evan Cobb and Val Horner (Eye Contact)
This is a scene of light and dark (and if the eyes are anything to go by, good boy, bad boy) Blonde Evan getting to fuck dark Val. We start here in the most romantic of places: the toilet.

Evan is sitting there playing with his dick while Val is in the shower (already half hard). When Evan agrees to ‘dry off’ Val, I am sure that getting dry was the last thing on his mind. The pair share a few quick embraces before it is off to the couch where Evan makes sure he has his buddies cock fully hard before shoving it down his throat. Val, on the other hand is not a natural born sucker, but gives it his best shot before giving in and letting Evan stick his cock into a much more receptive hole. Val is rock hard the whole way through the scene and shows his appreciation for a good fucking by shooting a mammoth load all over his chest.

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