FalconStudios Private Show Skyy Knox and Remy Cruze

Production year: 2018
Country: USA
Studio: FalconStudios
Genre: Oral Sex, Muscle, Anal Sex, Interracial, Cumshots, Big Dicks, Blowjob, Masturbation, Rimming, Tattoos
Duration: 00:27:02
Description: Remy Cruze is jacking his giant rod for a cam private show when Skyy Knox interrupts him. Slightly annoyed at first by the intrusion, Remy quickly asks Skyy to join in to make his show a little more special for his viewers.

After showing off his insatiable ass, Skyy can’t resist getting down to his knees to get a taste of the monster dangling between Remy’s legs. As Remy Cruze’s meat stiffens, he can’t take his eyes off Skyy Knox’s perfectly toned ass. He therefore gets behind the stud to show his perfect ass some much deserved attention. Remy can no longer take the anticipation and slides his massive pole deep into Skyy’s crack. He goes slowly at first, enjoying the sensation of Skyy’s tight, warm hole surrounding his giant dick. When Remy Cruze is convinced that Skyy Knox is nice and warmed up, he thrusts into his buddy harder, ramming it deeper with each pump. Getting pounded that hard makes Skyy ready for release. After riding Remy for a bit of extra prostate pleasure, Skyy lies back and lets Remy finish him off. Remy Cruze pounds in and out of Skyy Knox’s sore ass until Skyy explodes onto his ripped abs. When Remy sees all the cum, he stands above Skyy and gives him a facial that neither Skyy nor the cam viewers will soon forget.

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