Flesh 1995 (1985, Marathon Films)

Year: 1985
Directed by: Kennith Holloway
Studio: Marathon Films
Genre: Pre-Condom, Oral, Anal, Facial, Cumshots, BDSM, Vintage
Length: 1:18:13
Cast: Ian Phillips, Chris Allen, David Ashfield, Vincent Thomas, Chris Thompson, Jimmy Jagger, Rick Gerard, Paul Auchon, Chad Combs, Tony Kennedy, John Andrews, D. L. Smith, Shaun Victors

Description: An attempt at sexual sci-fi, when sex for pleasure is outlawed and one’s only outlet is watching others do it on a TV show called “Pleasure Sex Video Show.” On stage, a cute, young brunette does a dance, then gets fucked, standing up, by another guy. Backstage, Allen fucks the show’s MC, who pops a good load, while secretly being filmed by the police, who bust them afterwards. A prisoner is chained by the arms, as a guard fondles him with a knife, then cums on him. In court, the judge gets it on with two guards, Thompson being one of them and playing top. In the closer, Ashfield shows up on stage as a baseball player, another guy is in a suit, a blond guy plays sailor, Allen is Allen and the MC pops another good load, in a yawner orgy scene. If this is the “future” in 1995, I’m glad I slept that year.

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