Freaks 5 (Wurstfilm, 2009)

A.K.A.: Freaks in Concert
Country: Germany
Studio: Wurstfilm
Genre: Anal/Oral Sex, Pissing, Extra Hardcore, Black, Big Cocks, Interracial, Freak, Pigs
Cast: Peto Coast, Frederick Berlin, Michael Beck, Marcel Hoffman, Ben Armstrong, Michael Shade, Matteo Locati, Steph Bobson
Director: Mayk IV

Freaks 5 – Freaks in concert! The Freaks are our in full force in this latest installment of Wurstfilm’s favorite epic series. Set in a gay fight club, new members are initiated to the Freaks Clan through forced sucking, fucking, and piss drinking from horse hung fuck monsters, like the mammoth Peto Coast. Five full length hardcore scenes packed full of hard, raw, power fucking German stallions. The final scene is an onstage performance by Peto, who leads a hip hop band to a fucking frenzy onstage in a room full of horny onlookers that ascends into a debaucherous orgy.

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