Jake and Calvin

Genre: Anal, Oral, Muscle
In a way, Jake “grew up” on this site. He started out as a lean 19 year old and physically got bigger and more muscular right before our eyes. He also “grew” sexually — he fucked, got fucked, three-way fucked and ended up in a tropical fuckfest!

And now he’s back and I’m really excited! We’ve had a lot of men walk through our doors, but Jake is definitely a standout…
“We haven’t seen you in a while! What have you been up to?”
“Took a hiatus you know…”
Hiatus or not, he was as ready as ever. There was a horny playfulness between Jake and Calvin. Jake kept looking at Calvin… sizing him up and taking notice that Calvin’s cock was flopping around in his shorts while we were out on a hike. I started wondering who would want to get fucked more — Calvin can be quite a hungry bottom and Jake can take it as good as he gives.
“Who wants it in their ass the most? That is the question,” I asked.
“I think it is probably a tie…” Jake smiled.
“Yeah,” Calvin excitedly jumped in. “Let’s do the flip flop. It’s going to have to be a flip flop

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