Jake and Diego (Active Duty)

Genre: Anal, Oral, Tattoos
Diego’s personality wins Jake over right away and gets him in a more chatty mood than usual. You can tell the attraction is there right away as these two talk about their tats and meet eyes straight on. You can just see how bad they want to ravage one another.

Jake makes the first move and locks a deep kiss on Diego’s sexy lips right away. Just the intensity of the kiss should get you stiff in your jeans. It certainly does for Jake who wastes no time getting his shirt off and moving in closer to let Diego play with his cock. Jake bites on Diego’s neck a few times before asking him if he wants to suck his dick. Off come the jeans and out comes the monster cock that Jake’s packing. Diego is on it like white on rice and it doesn’t take long for it to reach its full potential…

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