Late Night Hookup: Tristan Phoenix and Drew Cutler (2011)

Year: 2011
Country: UK
Studio: Man Handled
Genre: Oral sex, Anal sex, Rough sex, Rimming, Cumshots, Facials, Safe sex, Hairy Gay Porn
Duration: 00:23:58
Description: Drew Cutler was starting to think the whole ‘sketchy internet hook up’ thing hadn’t been such a bad after all. The young stud who’d shown up at his door looked exactly like his pictures for one, wasn’t too interested in small talk and eager to get down to it for another.

But the real door prize was the way his arms hung loosely at his sides while Drew kissed him and held him and explored his body with his hands, pulling his shirt off and caressing his chest and shoulders and pulling his head back, the better to plunder that hot little mouth with his tongue. Apparently Tristan Phoenix had downplayed just how much he liked being told what to do. Directed. Controlled. And that, Drew could really work with. For starters, he got his clothes off and his eager little stud puppy down on his knees. Actions speak louder than words so Tristan didn’t need to spell out how hungry he was for Drew’s big cock – the ferocity he attacked it with said it all. The starving little cockhound just swooped in and swallowed as much of Drew’s dick as he could in one gulp, looking up at him for approval with those adorable little puppy dog ​​eyes before slurping up and down Drew’s shaft like a dog whose savoring a new chew toy. Drew grabbed the back of his new boy’s head and slammed his hips forward, cramming as much of his big dick in that soft, warm mouth as he could, groaning in approval when the bitch took it all without complaint. “Fuck yeah,” he breathed and his boy just moaned around a mouth full of meat before taking it all the way to the base. Drew slapped his hard cock against Tristan’s face, liking the way he just stuck his tongue out for more, all without prompting. Boy was a natural. Directing him to spend some time on his nuts, his eager little stud hastened to obey. Chewing lightly on them, sucking first one into his mouth and then the other, flicking his moist little tongue all over Drew’s sack …. Fuck. Drew let some spit drip down onto his dick and the little slut eagerly bobbed forward to slurp it off, sucking on Drew’s finger in the hopes of getting more. Instead Drew grabbed his head again and shoved it all the way down the base of his cock until Tristan’s face was mashed into his pubes and held as tightly against him as he could get. He waited until he started to squirm and choke before letting him pull back and gasp for air, then did it all over again. Still his new toy took it all without complaint, earning himself a full mouthful of spit which he hungrily stuck his tongue out to receive. Shit, if this kept up, Drew was going to blow his load any second now, and there was plenty more he wanted to do. So instead he decided to give the boy’s mouth a break, stripped him out of his jeans and pulled him to his feet while he tried a taste of his young stud’s fuck meat. He bobbed up and down along the shaft, enjoying the taste and size and shape – he really was a hot young thing, nice, tight body, well defined without being bulky, perfectly proportioned. Oh yeah, he’d really lucked out tonight, but it wouldn’t do to let this kid go around thinking that. Wouldn’t want him getting a big head after all. And with that Drew stood back up and ordered his bottom bitch to sit on the floor, back against the wall. Head tilted back to receive him, mouth stretched wide open and hungry, and Drew propped himself up against the wall and just sank in to that warm, inviting hole, balls deep, plunging himself down as far as that open throat could take him. And it was very accommodating. But the problem with deepthroating – especially with a cocksucker as talented as this one – when you’re already as horned up as Drew was, you can only last so long, and there was no way he was letting this stud out of here tonight without getting a taste of his ass first. He pulled Tristan to his feet and shoved him face down on the bed, on all fours and ass raised invitingly, and proceeded to rim the hell out of him. This kid was no virgin. That ass had been plowed before and well, but that just made it all the easier to open that hole up, kiss it, lick it, French it, spit in it …. All while the slut moaned and quivered in anticipation. He thrust his ass back in Drew’s face, clearly desperate for something to fill it, and Drew knew just the tool for the job. He sank his cock into the boy’s hole, sinking all the way in, balls deep and fucked away, with hard, steady strokes. Holding on to Tristan’s shoulders to make the most of his angle, thrusting all the way in before pulling out, and his toy just whimpered in approval, readily leaning his head back and around for a sloppy wet kiss. Drew spanked that hot little ass, tightening the muscles around his dick and then laid down on the bed, twisting Tristan around and rearranging them both so they were on their sides, one of Tristan’s legs raised and allowing Drew to sink even further into that hole .
But he wanted to watch this kid’s face when he fucked an orgasm out of him and he rearranged them both one more time – Tristan fully on his back, legs spread wide and resting on Drew’s shoulders as he pounded away at his ass. The horny bitch jerked desperately on his cock, panting and moaning and arching his back while Drew held his feet and slammed away harder and harder – until it built to a climax and Tristan exploded all over his chest and stomach. Still thick and hard inside of him, Drew leaned forward and scooped some of his cum off his abs and chest, feeding it to the exhausted boy. Finally he pulled out, yanked off the condom and came around to stand over Tristan’s head. It barely took any time at all to reach his own orgasm, and he milked every last drop of cum out of his dick, spraying it all over his cocksucker’s eager tongue and cheeks, sinking his cock back into the boy’s mouth to clean himself off.
He was definitely going to have to save this stud’s number.

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