Logan and Ian (On The Hunt)

Genre: Anal, Oral
After the pounding Ian took from Rafael we wondered if we would EVER see him again! But after a few days of rest Ian was back for more, his hole as hungry as ever but still a bit sensitive. He told us he was ready for some more cock but that he wanted to go a little smaller than Rafael so we hooked him up with sexy Logan.

As much as we wanted to see him drilled hard again we decided to cur him a break and set the two of them up for a kinder, gentler fuck and judging from the footage, these two were kind, gentle, hard and fast. Once the cameras were rolling Logan and Ian embarked on a hot and heavy make-out session that progressed into some deep-throat oral. Then, as we knew he would, Ian’s sore ass assumed the position and Logan climbed on for a ride. Soon Ian took charge and sat his ass down on Logan’s hard cock and bounced up and down, fucking himself like crazy with Logan’s rod, until they both exploded!

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