Louis (Straight Hell)

Genres: bdsm, oral, anal sex, fucking machine, fetish
Forced to suck cock, CBT, nipple clamped, gagged, made to give handjob, punished with hand strapping, forced cum eating

We’re training our celebrity captive to be the ultimate fuck toy. He’s been forced to learn how to orally pleasure a man and take a cock in his arse – but today’s lesson has a more subtle cruelty. With Louis caged like an animal, I can’t resist thrusting my stiff cock through the bars of the cage, while Stan jabs him with the electric prodder and yanks hard on a nasty little clip attached to his foreskin. When I’ve had my fill of Louis’ mouth, we roughly haul him out of the cage and kick him to the floor, easily overpowering him despite his struggles. As we tie him up, spread eagled on his knees, Louis calls us some shocking names, considering his posh upbringing. One hard slap later, and the cunt is firmly gagged and unable to do much more than wince and moan as I attach vicious clover clamps to his nipples and a pair of truly evil clips on his ballsack, which we tug and tie to the cage, eliciting agonised moans. Louis isn’t going anywhere. Stan strips to reveal his throbbing erection, and with a couple of hard slaps, backed up by a jerk on the nipple clamps, orders Louis to wank him off. His hand clumsily fumbles at Stan’s cock, and the sadistic top barks out demands to grip it harder, do it faster. But anyone would think the miserable straight twat had never wanked before. Despite my torturing his nipples with the clamps when he slows down, Louis still does a pathetic job. So Stan grabs a heavy leather strap and gets truly nasty. Like a stern teacher, he orders Louis to raise his hand for punishment whenever his masturbation action slacks off. SMACK. Each time, Stan hits Louis’ palm harder and harder, making him whimper into his gag, his hand trembling like a leaf as he steels himself for the next blow, knowing it will only be worse for him if he pulls away. Each time Louis reaches for Stan’s cock again, his hand hurts more, and he flinches in agony. With Louis’ burning hot chastised fingers finally wanking him off properly, Stan tells him to hold out his hand one last time, before spurting jets of fresh cum into his outstretched palm. And of course the lesson wouldn’t be complete without us making Louis lick up every last drop of the mess he’s caused.

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