Date: 2011
Country: United States
Studio: Corbin Fisher
Genre: Anal / Oral Sex, Blow Job, Cumshots, ACM1085
Duration: 00:23:36
Description: When Marc steps in to spot Cameron while weightlifting, things take a decidedly … cheesetastic turn, when Cameron asks if there’s any way he can repay Marc. I swear, I can’t take credit for that one-liner! That’s just Cameron being Cameron!

But this is exactly why I love having Cameron around. Aside from being sexy as all hell, he does make us laugh. They head upstairs so Cameron can “spot” Marc in the bedroom. The guys kiss and the shirts fly off. meron kisses Marc’s beefy pecs and chews on his nipples. Marc kisses Cameron’s neck, then works on Cameron’s nipples.Cameron rubs Marc’s cock through his jeans. Marc unzips Cameron’s jeans and Cameron’s rock-hard dick pops out. Marc goes down on him, sucking and stroking him. Cameron tells him to spit on it. Marc pulls his ock out for Cameron to suck. He straddles Cameron’s chest and feeds Cameron his dick. Cameron licks the shaft and head, then takes it in his mouth. Cameron leans over the side of the bed. Marc fingers Cameron’s ass, sliding his finger into Cameron’s tight hole. “Why you gotta tease me like that?” Cameron asks. Marc responds by teasing Cameron’s ass with his tongue! Marc lubes up his dick. He stuffs his cock into Cameron’s ass. Cameron gasps as he takes the big dick. Marc fucks ameron doggy-style. Cameron shifts over to the side of the bed. Marc sticks his cock back in. Marc fucks him, then pulls his dick out to smack Cameron’s ass, then shoves his cock back inside. After Cameron lies on his back, Marc pounds him missionary-style. He thrusts in and out of Cameron’s ass. “Go deeper if you want,” Cameron tells him. Marc pushes in farther, making Cameron moan. Cameron jerks himself off as he gets fucked. He strokes his cock, and without warning, he comes! Marc pulls out and blasts a huge load all over Cameron’s abs. The spray doesn’t stop until Cameron’s abs are painted with cum! The guys kiss. I’m glad Cameron found a way to repay Marc!

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