Max, Bastian and Kaden (2011)

Production year: 2011
Country: USA
Genre: Studs, Duets, Oral, Anal, Flip-Flop, Cumshots, Military
Length: 1:04:00
Description: Y’all met Kaden-discovery Max already in his solo debut for us in the War Chest (you can still go watch it, by the way). And we were dying to show you just how far he’s come with Kaden and his sage teachings. Just how far?

Well, we’ve got TWO scenes to share with you today. The first is Max with Kaden as the latter introduces the mega-hung Max to the ways of cocksuckery (it’s a word, look it up). Then, in the second scene, Kaden pairs Max up with cutey Bastian and the two not only suck one another but also fuck (and they both take turns behind the wheel!).

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