Max London and Micah Brandt

Genre: Anal, Oral, Muscle, Black, Interracial Sex
Unbridled passion erupts as two blazing hot mounds of muscle and flesh are unleashed upon each other. Micah Brandt, with his beautiful carmel colored skin, smooth chiseled chest and humongous cock is doing his best to take up every inch of unused space between himself and Max London.

At the same time Max is using his hulking hung bodybuilder body to dominate Micah and use him as his own personal sex toy. It’s interracial hardcore at it’s best while Max rams his big thick dick down Micah’s open throat, who’s doing his best to show off his lack of a gag reflex. Then redhead and fire crotch Max spits on his hand to lube up a strong thumb which he uses to tease Micah’s hungry hole. A little work and Max has that little pucker opening wider and wider just begging to be filled. The hot talk in this video alone will have you spewing your juices all over your keyboard but don’t shoot your load before you get a good look at the delicious contrast in skin tones as Max fucks Micah like there’s no tomorrow and has him begging for more.

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