MissionaryBoys The Interview Elder Boon with President Oaks

Production year: 2019
Country: USA
Studio: MormonBoyz, MissionaryBoys
Genre: Bareback, Anal Sex, Oral Sex, Blowjob, Hairy, Older/Younger, Big Cocks, Masturbation, Cumshots, Rimming
Duration: 00:21:25
Description: Elder Boon is a goody two-shoes, there is no doubt about it. He has a strict policy of always telling the truth, even when it does not benefit him.

That is why when he first discovered his sexuality, he never bothered to hide it from anyone. He was open and out from the beginning, taking pride in who he was because he felt he had nothing to hide. Even when his family gave him a hard time, he kept his standards of morality and honesty up. There was no need for him to feel shame or fear because honesty would see him through the darkness. How could he be lost if he was the beacon of light? But things change when he enters the mission. All of a sudden he is surrounded by young men who are dashingly attractive, and he is tasked with keeping his hands to himself. He is even given a stunning companion who he connects with on both an emotional and physical level. There is nothing he wants more than to run away with the boy and make a life with him, but he is committed to his duties.

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