Philip Rides Harley (2012)

Year: 2012
Country: USA
Studio: CorbinFisher
Genre: Cumshots, Oral Sex, Rimming, Anal Sex, Blow Job
Duration: 00:22:17
Description: Usually, it takes a little while for a straight guy to feel comfortable with the of being fucked.

They don’t have a problem fucking another guy – after all, that’s what they do to their girlfriends. Often, however, it takes some convincing for them to understand how hot it is (and how good it feels!) To get topped. Harley was so enthusiastic about being here, and had so much fun, that he was more than willing to jump in and get fucked first! Harley is one of the absolute nicest guys you could ever meet, and is so easy-going, and had no issue jumping in and saying “Bottoms up!” So, when he mentioned he was still interested in topping another guy, I was more than ready to pair him up with one of our best bottoms – Philip! Philip sucks Harley’s cock and balls, then rimshim. Philip eats out Harley’s ass, and then goes back to blowing Harley’s uncut cock. Harley goes down on Philip’s big dick. Harley strokes his own cock as he teases Philip by licking up and down the shaft and sucking just the head. Philip gets on his hands and knees. Harley slides his cock inside him. Harley thrusts slowly in and out of Philip’s tight ass. He hits the spot right away, and makes Philip whimper. Harley fucks Philip faster. He sits down so Philip can climb on top of his dick. Philip sits all the way down, taking every inch inside his ass. Harley jerks Philip’s cock. Philip rides Harley, bouncing up and down. His stiff dick stands straight up as Harley drills up into him. Philip moves onto his back. Harley shoves his cock deep inside Philip’s ass. Harley pounds a thick load out of Philip. Philip’s cum sprays all over his stomach. Harley pulls out and shoots his load on top of Philip’s! No matter which way you go, top or bottom – at CF, your degree is always explosive!

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