Ponce De Lion: Steven Ponce and Alexander Garrett (2011)

Year: 2011
Country: USA
Genre: Studs, Duet, Oral, Anal, Cumshots
Length: 00:23:20
Description: Today we have a Latin overload as we welcome back sexy 32 year old Steven Ponce from “La Isla del Encanto” (the enchanted Island) aka Puerto Rico. Steven is in for a treat, and then some, as we welcome back Colombian ‘papi’, Alexander Garrett.

We asked them if they had the chance to show off their native countries to friends that had never been; where they would take them. Steven would take them to the Rain Forests as well as the white sandy beaches of his Caribbean birthright. Well, down in South America, 34 year old Alexander would show off the breathtaking, Colombian mountainsides; enjoy access to both the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans and his favorite the beautiful people back home. We then asked them what food they miss most from back home. It’s Mofongo for Steven, who started to salivate just thinking about it. Mofongo is mashed green plantains often stuffed with shrimp or seasoned beef. Alexander misses Paisa. Red beans and rice with two eggs over easy on top served with sweet plantains and toast. Mmmm. All this talk of food is making us hungry. Fortunately, these two have worked up quite the appetite. So enough about the menu-let’s get right to the main course. Bon Apetit, Gentlemen.

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