Rob Corrwen and Rob Wood (2013)

Production year: 2013
Country: USA
Studio: DirtyBoyVideo
Genre: amateur, twinks, oral, rimming, fingering, anal, cumshots, huge cock
Duration: 00:09:47
Description: When it comes to hot amateur gay porn this scene is the real deal! Homemade, passionate, unpolished, D.I.Y. sex!

Redhead Rob Corwen and super hung Rob Wood are fans of DirtyBoyVideo (who isn’t?) And wanted to show us how they fuck! This rough footage begins with the boys sucking face in their dingy apartment lit only by a beat up old lamp in the corner. Rob Wood pushes Rob Corwen down on the tattered mattress on the floor. He pulls Corwen’s shirt off before tearing off his own. Rob Wood straddles Corwen and opens his pants, his oversized meat and shoving it in Corwen’s face. Corwen works his tongue over Rob Wood’s fat cock, worshiping it with his mouth. He gets on his hands and knees to run his lips up and down the length of it, from the throbbing purple helmet down to the base, burying his face in the pubes! Corwen flips over on to his stomach and offers up his jockstrap clad ass! Rob Wood strokes his rock hard uncut 10 inches while slowly working one finger, then another, in to Corwen’s peach fuzz covered butt! Rob Wood grabs Corwen’s hips and slides him over his fuck pole. Corwen squirms as his hungry hole get’s what it needs! Rob Wood rolls his sex-boy on his side and passionately pounds that ginger ass. Corwen takes it all, feeling Rob Wood inside him, filling him up and giving him a high from the pure pleasure. When he comes it’s more of an emotional experience than a physical one as each rope of goo explodes from his red cock!

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