Russ and Trey’s Bi Tag Team (2011)

Production year: 2011
Страна: USA
Genre: Bareback, Oral / Anal Sex, Vaginal Sex, Cumshots, Muscle, Tattoos, Bi Sex
Length: 00:21:34
Description: Boy, Russ has certainly become a quick favorite here at CF! And no wonder. He’s handsome, has a killer smile and loves sex with guys and girls.

Plus, there’s something about that hair that just make me want run my fingers through it every time he’s around. Trey and Jackie get right to work on Russ. He lays back so Trey and Jackie can kiss every inch of his torso. Trey gets Russ’s jeans unbuttoned and sucks Russ’s dick. Jackie kisses Russ, and rubs his chest before stealing his cock away from Trey! Russ helps Trey out of his pants. While Jackie sucks Russ’s cock, Russ swallows Trey’s big dick. Trey pushes his cock in and out of Russ’s mouth. Russ is still a newer freshman, but he’s quickly learned how to give a great blowjob, judging from Trey’s reaction. Trey wants to see Russ fuck Jackie. You can see Jackie’s smile when she gets on all fours and Trey kisses her. She wants to have Russ inside her! Russ pounds her from behind while she sucks and strokes Trey. Jackie flips around. Trey slides into her. Russ feeds her his cock. It’s always hot to watch Trey fuck. That boy gets into it! He tells Russ to come over so he can suck him. Russ stands on the bed and Trey blows him while pounding Jackie. Of course, Trey loves to get fucked, too! He has Russ come at him from behind. Russ stuffs his thick cock into Trey’s hole. Russ watches himself fucking Trey in the mirror, and it gets him even more excited. Trey flips onto his back. Russ drives his dick back into that ass. Jackie fingers herself watching Trey get fucked. And it doesn’t take long before Russ fucks a hot load out of Trey! Cum shoots up over Trey’s shoulder. Russ pulls out and blasts his load all over Trey’s ripped abs. They guys and Jackie kiss after their hot tag team!

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