Date: 2011
Country: United States
Studio: CorbinFisher, GuysGoneBi
Genre: Anal / Oral / Vaginal Sex, Bareback, Blow Job, Cumshots, Bi Sex
Length: 00:20:11
Description: Sean and Philip play with Danielle by the pool. Blonde vixen Danielle is stoked to be in the middle of two hot guys. She kisses Philip, then Sean while all three get their clothes off.

The guys kiss her tits, and then kiss each other. That turns Danielle on even more, to see these studs making out! She eagerly licks both their cocks. Then Danielle puts both dicks in her mouth, wanting to suck them at the same time. Philip fucks her mouth as Sean encourages them. Sean eats Danielle out, rubbing her tits. Philip blows Sean and strokes his own cock. Philip slides his tongue up and down Sean’s shaft, and then licks his nuts. Danielle whimpers as Sean’s tongue drives her wild. He stuffs his cock into her and pumps it hard. Philip jerks his cock as he watches Sean fuck Danielle. Philip stands up and feeds Sean his cock while Sean pounds Danielle. Sean lays on his back and pulls Danielle up to ride on his cock. Philip feels Sean’s nuts as Sean stuffs Danielle’s pussy. Judging by the way Danielle is yelping, she’s loving the feel of Sean’s cock. “You ready for your turn, big boy?” Sean asks Philip with a smile. Danielle gets on all fours so Philip can jackhammer her doggy-style. Sean stands up to let Philip suck his cock. Philip fucks Danielle down into the cushions. Sean plays with Philip’s ass, ready to pump him now! Philip crabwalks onto Sean’s dick. He slides down on it as Danielle kisses him. Sean jerks Philip’s cock as he fucks him. Danielle takes over, stroking Philip as he bounces up and down on Sean’s cock. Philip’s starting to get close and has to push Danielle’s hand away – he doesn’t want this to be over yet! Sean grabs on to Philip’s chest so he can thrust up inside him deeper. Philip gets on his back and Sean comes back into him from the side. Sean tell Philip to come for him. Philip sprays a huge load all over his stomach! Sean pulls out and jerks his thick load all over Philip’s balls. The guys and Danielle kiss after their hot fuck session!

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