Special Delivery (2009)

Year: 2009
Country: Czech Republic
Genre: Oral / Anal Sex, Young Man, Big Dick, Rimmihg, Muscle, Group, Anal Toy’s, Cumshot
Length: 1:52:41
Cast: Ludovic Canot, Patrik Jelen, Viktor Jones, David Novotny, Zac Powers, Luke Taylor, Thomas Winter

Description: Special Delivery arrives packed to the brim with fat throbbing cocks stuffed deep up some beautifully muscled butts as these horned-up young studs while away a summer’s day, stuffing their faces with hot uncut cock and pile driving each other’s asses.
It’s a warm day at a country house and as muscular Viktor Jones is sun bathing naked in the yard, lean Ludovic Canot arrives with a package. Viktor asks Ludovic to spread some suntan lotion on his back, and as Ludovic sensually rubs him down, Viktor conveniently drops his towel; naturally, Ludovic’s hands wander down to massage Viktor’s muscular ass cheeks. Ludovic ditches his clothes and the two guys face fuck the hell out of each other, then Ludovic tongues Viktor’s hairy butt before Viktor plugs Ludovic’s hole with his huge cock. Viktor lies back and Ludovic rides Viktor’s rod until Viktor pulls out and spews his jizz all over the lawn. Ludovic then shoots an incredibly powerful volley of cum over Viktor and onto the grass.
Ludovic Canot delivers another package to beefy Thomas Winter and cute Luke Taylor, who are sitting at a picnic table. When Ludovic leaves, Thomas and Luke quickly get to down to business; they strip and Thomas slides his big cock effortlessly down Luke’s throat. Zac Powers shows up, ditches his clothes and strokes his shaft as he watches them, then joins in and crams his dick down Thomas’s throat while Luke chows down on Thomas’s rod. Luke and Thomas take turns face fucking Zac until they splatter his ripped pecs with their spunk. Thomas finger fucks Luke, and then drives his tongue deep in his hole while Luke gorges on Zac’s dick. Luke lies back on the picnic table and Zac and Thomas trade off banging his ass and choking him with their thick shafts. Thomas pulls an enormous black dildo out of the special delivery package and skewers Luke’s butt as Luke and Zac stroke their cocks and spew their sperm. Finally, Thomas strokes his cock and sprays Luke with his load.
When muscled driver Patrik Jelen sees smoking hot David Novotny on the side of the road, he quickly pulls over to give him a ride. But they don’t get very far before their urges take over; they barely make it out of the car before they’re both naked and taking turns spit-polishing each other’s juicy cocks and shooting cum all over each other’s big, ripped chests. They spread a blanket on the grass and David tongues Patrik’s muscular ass and lubes his fuck hole with plenty of spit. Patrik turns the tables and flips David on his back and rams his cock deep into David’s guts, then flips him on all fours and plows him from behind. Patrik throws David onto his back again and reams him until David shoots a huge load, then Patrik pulls out of David’s ass and drenches him with hot cum.

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