Steven Daigle and Conner Habib (Piss On Me)

Genre: Anal, Oral, Bareback, Pissing, Hairy Men
Steven Daigle goes full stream with Conner Habib!
Steven Daigle is mopping up the set when Conner Habib comes in and admits that he likes it dirty. Lucky for him, it gets down and dirty quickly as Steven pulls out his dick and drenches Conner with a steady stream of hot piss.

Conner wrings out what’s left from his soaked wife-beater onto Steven before giving Steven mouthfuls of his urine and leaving his glistening all over. Steven then feasts on Conner’s fat prick and sweet ass before dunking his head into the mop water and filling his hole with his rock hard cock. Steven finds even more piss to let loose of and Conner is more than happy to take it in and spit it right back into Steven’s face before bending him over and giving his ass a fucking. They both are holding onto a seemingly endless supply of pee. They let it rain down on each other and are very vocal about how much they want more. When Conner can’t hold it back any longer, Conner shoots his load all over Steven’s face and stuffs his drained cock into Steven’s mouth while he jerks himself, spilling his seed onto his stomach before hungrily taking a taste.

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