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Party Dumpster

Production year: 2017
Country: USA
Genre: Oral / Anal Sex, Amateur, Group Sex, Bareback, Big Cocks
Duration: 00:14:19
Description: Long-term sex addiction results in changes to the brain. These changes in the brain function can have many behavioral consequences. The defining characteristic of the addict.
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Anthony Dances in Pain

Production year: 2017
Country: Canada
Genre: Spanking, Amateur, Humiliation, CMNM, Hunk, Muscle, Interview, Older / Younger
Duration: 00:21:38
Description: Anthony is handsome, hunky and hungry, a big guy who does not take a beating without defending himself, yet he submits to me. “I can not believe I’m doing this again” he tells me. I beat him with a paddle, belt and crop, making him dance as heels, moans and complains like a bitch, naked and defenseless, his big cock flopping between his muscular legs. His rage builds as the intensity increases, “you’re the only one I would take this from” he whimpers as I continue to break and humble him.
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Bareback Bring It On

Production year: 2014
Country: USA
Genre: Asian, Amateur, Twinks, Oral, Bareback, Anal, Rimming, Cumshots
Duration: 1:42:03
Starring: Dave, Benjamin, Carlo, Ricky, Gil, Kris, Vahn, Blu, Blue
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Czech Hunter 292

Production year: 2017
Country: Czech Republic
Genre: Blow Job, Anal Sex, Amateur, POV, Bareback, Facial Cumshot, Big Dick
Duration: 00: 42: 40
Description: I went to my friend’s party hoping for a nice catch. Unfortunately, I got so drunk that I was unable to film.
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Le Masseur Eaten Spunk

Production year: 2015
Country: France
Director: Eaten Spunk
Genre: Amateur, Oral / Anal Sex, Bareback, Muscle, Massage, Big Cocks, Interracial, Daddies, Threeway, Black, Hairy, Bear, Cumshots, Rimming, Masturbation
Duration: 1:40:31
Starring: Kevin, Adam, Angel, Dek, Jake
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A Game Of Two Halves

Production year: 2017
Country: UK
Genre: Oral / Anal Sex, Amateur, Chub, Dildo, Rimming, Masturbation
Duration: 1:38:17

Description: How’s it going lads? Get your mince pies on our special end of year cracker To end the year with a bang we’ve got a special for die-hard Triga fans and collectors! It’s a Game Of Two Halves. Two big rugger buggers versus two footie kit lads getting down and filthy in the locker rooms in a double scene special A load of pre-shower, sweaty post match down and dirty play with these four lads as they get dildoed, rogered and rimmed all for your pleasure!
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