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Fuck, Baby, Fuck: Brent Everett and Cameron Marshall (2011)

Year: 2011
Country: UK
Studio: Brent Everett
Genre: Oral sex, Anal Sex, Rimming, Cumshots, Toy, Interview, Safe sex
Duration: 00:26:12
Description: Steve & I met Cameron Marshall some time ago, so I invited him to join me in a live webcam show at the end of August. Boy was he enthusiastic! As you’ll see, even our photographer got carried away a bit. Other than that, I think the title says it all, don’t you?
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Twinks With Huge Cocks (Caballero Video, 2008)

Production year: 2008
Country: USA
Directed by: Dimas Marczas
Studio: Caballero Video / BarracudaBites
Genre: Twinks, Bareback, Oral / Anal Sex, Rimming, Huge Cocks
Length: 1:23:47
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