Teamwork Makes Dreams Come True

Production year: 2016
Country: USA
Genre: Oral, Anal, Fetish, Blindfold, Mature, Muscle
Duration: 00:33:34
Description: Say what you’d like about the Grab Ass offices, but they are always trying to improve things. Today the boss was all about building up the team that works for him.

It started with trust falls … .which became awkward when the boss decided to do it naked. Who does that? Bosses that’s who. Next, he attempted to build a stronger connection between the employees by having them compete in a team building exercise. They played “pass the ball without using your hands”. This time, he got his whole team naked with him. Why … well the boss had some about improved performance, but his team lost, so what does that tell ya? The boss gave his team access to a special device they could use to improve their teamwork after losing – The Motivational Apparatus. Lay people call it a sex swing. How that could improve things is lost to us, but the boss’ team had a more positive attitude after their experience.

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