Tequila (1993, French Art, Jean Daniel Cadinot)

Year: 1993
Country: France
Directed by: Jean-Daniel Cadinot
Studio: French Art, Videovision
Genre: orgy, uncut cocks, latin men, threeways, anal sex, interracial, oral, vintage
Duration: 1:05:39
Starring: Manuel Alveiro, Elyes Ardini, Gilles Barthelemy, David Bauman, Damien Carrey, Gilles Carrey, Noël Couderc, Manuel Koskas, Lucien Lebrun, Yvon Leduc, Henri Marnier, Roger McIntyre, Alexandre Parrys, Luis Rio, Diego San Paolo, Adrian Vassiliu, Eric Vespucci

Description: Strong … sour …. salty! Who hasn’t had wild fantasies whilst flicking through exotic holiday brochures? Roger has, drawn by Mexico’s long Pacific beaches, the vast areas of stunning vegetation … and those smiling, tanned boys, draped languidly in the sun. He knows the scene: young European, meetings, lack of understanding – resorting to body language! Hot under the palm trees. Naked.His mind strays to other places, resting on the physique and camaradery of these young men who, like tequila, taste good enough to blow the back of your head off! Salty and bitter-sweet like a slice of lemon! Tantalising aromas, the atmosphere … all these images! All these sensations! An explosive cocktail of tanned bodies, captivatingly intoxicating … to be consumed without moderation!

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