WilliamHiggins Screen Test 32

Production year: 2017
Country: Czech Republic
Studio: WilliamHiggins
Genre: Blow Job, Anal Sex, Bareback, Big Dick, Masturbation, Uncut, Young Men
Duration: 00:56:22
Starring: Martin Gajda, Tomas Fuk, Martin Rezac, Tomas Adamec, Pavel Smidl, Petr Zuska

Description: Tomas Fuk is in for his screentest, with Martin Gajda. They sit on the bed as Martin does a brief interview with Tomas. Then Martin gets things started by leaning over to kiss Tomas, who responds eagerly. Tomas gropes Martin’s groin as they kiss. Then he takes his tee shirt off and Martin leans forward to kiss his chest. Tomas lays back and Martin’s hand runs over his chest and groin, opening the jeans to release the stiffening cock. Martin Rezac agreed to a screentest, so we paired him with Pavel Smidl. They relax on the bed chatting and Martin explains that he wants to try everything with a guy. Pavel is happy to oblige and they soon start kissing and feeling each other. As they kiss they both remove their tee shirts and run hands all over each other. Pavel then opens Martin’s jeans and pulls out his hardening cock. In Milan Major’s Screentest we find him on the sofa, barechested, with Petr Zuska. Petr is kissing Milan and rubbing his chest. He also opens Milan’s jeans. Milan takes off Petr’s tee shirt and kisses his chest then helps him take down his jeans. Petr’s cock is already hard as the jeans come off and Milan takes hold of it and wanks it.



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