Date: 2012
Country: United States
Studio: Corbin Fisher
Genre: Anal / Oral Sex, Big Dick, Blow Job, Muscles, Cumshots, Bareback, ACM1103
Duration: 00:22:32
Description: Red-hot Reece ‘s star continues to rise at CF. Today he makes out with bad boy Will. He pulls off Will’s shirt, and kisses Will deeply with his pierced tongue. I bet that’s going to feel good on Will’s cock!

Reece feels Will’s dick through his underwear. Will rubs Reece’s broad shoulders and gropes Reece’s cock through his shorts and underwear. Will kisses Reece’s abs and puts Reece’s dick into his mouth. “Oh fuck,” Reece moans. Will bobs up and down on Reece’s cock. Will slides onto the bed. Reece stands up so Will can take even more of his dick into his throat. Will licks on Reece’s balls and asks how Reece likes it. “Fuckin ‘sexy,” he says. Will strokes his cock as he sucks Reece. Reece tells him to hold still. “I want to fuck your face,” he tells Will. Reece grips Will’s head and shoves his cock in and out of Will’s mouth. Will slurps on Reece’s dick noisily. Reece kisses him and asks if he wants to get fucked. Will smiles as he says he does. Will gets on his hands and knees. Reece pushes Will down and lubes his cock. He slides his thick dick into Will’s tight ass. Reece fucks him slow and deep, then tells Will to come closer so he can take more of his cock! Will jerks his cock as he gets fucked. “Oh yeah, fuck yourself on my dick,” Reece says. Will backs up onto Reece even faster. Will tells Reece to fuck him even harder. Reece slams into Will’s ass. Will’s butt shakes as Reece pounds him. Reece kisses Will and tells him to get on top of him. Will straddles Reece and takes every inch of that cock into his hole. He bounces up and down on Reece’s dick. Reece makes him hold still again as he drills up into Will’s ass. Will watches himself get fucked in the mirror. Reece is watching Will jerk off and that turns him on even more. He fucks Will’s ass and tells him how good it feels. Will gets on his back and Reece shoves his cock back in to fuck him missionary style. Reece wants to see Will come. Will strokes his cock as Reece nails his ass. Cum spurts out of his cock, even after he stops stroking. Reece slams into Will, then pulls out, blasting his load all over Will’s abs, chest and neck!

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