Bentley Race and Eligh Rainer (2013)

Production year: 2013
Country: Australia
Studio: BentleyRace
Genre: Oral sex, Butt Fuck, Static camera, Bareback, 69, Blow job, Rimming, Masturbation, Cumshots
Duration: 00:19:14
Description: I love my sexy blond mate Eligh Rainer. We were doing loads of sexy photos in my hotel room when things started to turn pretty horny.

So I set the video camera up at the end of the bed, climbed up on to the bed and started feeding him my cock. There is a lot of kissing, cock sucking and rimming in this video. But mostly I liked pushing my cock in and out of Eligh’s mouth as he lay on the bed. I like lick ELigh’s little white bum too. Eventually he rolls over and jerks off, leaving a nice load of cum all over my face. Make sure you watch this video right to the end to catch Eligh taking a long hot shower and getting all soaped up. You’re gonna love my sexy blond mate as much as I do.

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