Black Lion, Devon Michael and T.Y. (2009)

Year: 2009
Country: USA
Genre: twinks, studs, white, ebony, black, interracial, oral, anal, threesome, group sex
Length: 00:23:27
Description: Black Lion and T.Y. are psyched about getting it on with Devon because he’s never had an enormous black cock in his virgin ass! As soon as T.Y. pulls out his 10 inch chocolate dong, Devon slurps it up, swirling his pink tongue around the purple head until he can’t fit it in his mouth.

Black Lion is watching anxiously, and Devon is quit to give him a hands-on demonstration of his horniness by gobbling down his swollen rod. TY decides to break Devon in, shoving his huge cock past the first few inches of clench, and getting Devon to enough to take all of his length. After some furious thrusting and squealing, Black Lion gets his turn, and plunges into the abyss of Devon’s not-so-virgin ass. After battering up Devon’s skinny little frame, Black Lion pulls out and shoots his load of hot cum all over his chest, while TY decides that Devon’s mouth and face are a more appealing landing spot.

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